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We use the highest quality ingredients including fresh eggs, butter, high cocoa solids chocolate and brandy to produce cakes in a variety of delicious flavours and fillings.
Our standard cakes are more than 6cm deep which is much deeper than anything available in the retail shops and therefore better value.
If you cannot see the design you are looking for on our website please contact us and we will try our hardest to meet your request.

Sponge Cake
Our all butter sponge cakes are made from the best ingredients ensuring a soft, moist, light textured cake. This can be produced in a choice of flavours; plain, chocolate, lemon.
Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake
We have developed this recipe to satisfy the chocolate lovers of the world. It is a beautiful, moist velvety cake which you will want to return to again and again. It has become one of our signature cakes which our clients keep coming back for. It contains high cocoa solids real chocolate and butter to produce a delicious moist cake.
Carrot Cake
This is another recipe which we have worked on until we have discovered a beautiful moist cake enhanced with spices and nuts to produce a lovely textured cake which is full of flavour.
Light Fruit Cake
The ingredients in this cake ensure the cake is moist and full of flavour. It contains butter, brown sugar and dried fruits and nuts. The cake is baked slowly in the oven to ensure a moist delicious cake.
Rich Fruit Cake with brandy
This is a homemade fruit cake using all natural high quality ingredients including butter, brown sugar, raisins, sultanas, currants, almonds, cherries and brandy, baked slowly in the oven to ensure a moist delicious cake. This cake needs time to mature and is available on request.
Cup Cakes
These are made using an all butter recipe and topped with butter cream and sugar paste. They are available in three sizes - mini cup cake, standard cup cake and muffin cup cake and are ideal for parties, wedding cakes, wedding flavours and corporate and marketing occasions.
Fillings and Icing
The sponge, chocolate fudge and carrot cakes are covered in homemade butter cream made from pure butter and icing sugar and finished with a layer of sugar paste.
The fruit cakes are covered with a layer of marzipan and sugar paste. If you don't like marzipan this cake can be covered in two thin layers of sugar paste instead.
All our cakes will stay fresh for a minimum of 5 days from delivery. Our rich fruit cakes have a minimum shelf life of 6 months.
Special dietary requirements can be catered for, e.g. organic, gluten free, nut free.

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